School Cricket Coaching

Since 2003, The All Rounder Cricket Academy has grown from strength to strength and we have already made such a difference in so many schools by providing quality coaching

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• We will ensure that all Cricketers get the most out of their training session through professional and dedicated coaching
• Improvement of the standard of cricket at the school
• All the Coaches at the All Rounder Cricket Academy are qualified (Level 1 – 3 CSA Cricket Coaches) and / or have played cricket at a high level.
• Provide cricketers with a positive learning experience
• Unlock and develop potential talent
• We will help cricketers with game plans and make sure that they practice the basics while having fun at the same time.
• We coach all facets of the game e.g. batting, bowling and fielding.
• Establish a good relationship with other coaches at the school to ensure continued improvement through all the age groups

All the Coaches at the Academy are qualified CSA Cricket Coaches and/or have played cricket at a High Level.

The Academy is actively involved in managing and providing coaching for the Youth Sections at Kirstenhof Primary School, Sweet Valley Primary School. Cricketers are able to attend training sessions and play matches on a weekly basis during the Summer months in the Western Province Youth League

Our Vision for All Rounder Cricket Coaching: To provide all cricketers with the necessary tools not only to enhance their present skills but to learn a range of new skills in order to reach their true potential. We will also ensure that all cricketers who attend our coaching programmes receive quality coaching. Each session will be planned and structured to get the most benefit. Our Coaches will nurture and guide these young cricketers in becoming the next generation of cricketers in South Africa.

Forms of practice

• Net Sessions

Clear planning will guarantee effective use of time and resources.
Set goals and objectives before the start of every net session.
Timekeeping by the coach will ensure that every cricketer is actively involved throughout the training session
Make sure that weaknesses are identified and worked on. This will ensure that each cricketer continuously improves during their session.

• Middle Practice

Simulating match conditions
Two bowlers at one end
Batsman running between the wickets
Fielders actively involved at all times. Fielders are encouraged to attack the ball and practice hitting the stumps at all times
Target bowling

• Fitness and drills

Cricket specific drills and games working on fitness, ball skills, hand-eye co-ordination. We will ensure that the sessions are fun whilst improving their skills.

For more information on coaching or facility rental contact:

Aidan Snyders 083 614 2178 or email